As a working artist for a little over 45 years, Andrew has explored many avenues of visual arts especially in the area of painting. He is  mainly known in our region as a thematic painter, meaning that he builds a comprehensive body of work focusing on visual variations of one subject. Currently he is  working on two themes; one is of a semi abstract subject matter encompassing some of  the basic elements of visual art such as color, line, shape, and form. His other theme is creating a body of painting depicting old barns and outbuildings that still stand in our surrounding five county area. He calls these works a celebration of the last icons of our once great agrarian landscape that are quickly disappearing. He tries to emphasize their majesty and beauty by focusing on color and design to enhance visual drama.

His work over the years has received numerous awards and recognition in all categories in our southeastern region of the nation. He is honored and flattered that his creations are in many collections and that he continues to enjoy patrons seeking out his work.

Andrew has 35 years of teaching experience in the fine arts in many disciplines from design to painting at most of our area community colleges. He has also taught visual arts at Lenoir-Rhyne University (5 years), Suzuki School of the Arts (3 years), and private lessons. He is currently teaching/building the fine arts program at University Christian High School in Hickory, NC which has been ongoing for four years.

He earned his B.F.A. with Honors in Painting from Eastern Kentucky University in 1981. He also earned his M.F.A. from Western Carolina University. in Painting/Drawing in 1988. He has since worked out of his home/studio in Granite Falls, NC.

Andrew mostly markets his work through his Facebook account and one may view many of his works there. Other works of his may be seen/purchased at the Hickory Museum of Art, Rebel Mouse Gallery and specialty shop in Drexel, NC (by appointment only), and at Coyote Kitchen and Art Gallery in Boone, NC.  He is actively seeking new venues to show/market his work in our region.

Andrew may be contacted on Facebook @Andrew.Atkin.8 or call 828-221-5593. for more information or to arrange an appointment to visit his home/studio any day of the week to view/purchase his work.