Eric creates stunning pieces of furniture that will double as works of art in your home.  He has used epoxy to create countertops and tables for the past 10 years. Eric uses the epoxy products he formulated to develop his personal brand "obair foirfe" which stands for "work perfect" or strive to be. Its meaning is taken from an old saying his grandpa had and in Gaelic "Cruthaic na tha foirfe agus gun dad eille" "Create what is perfect and nothing else".
Eric started his personal brand by building a sword and shield for his uncle using their family crest and made the shield with the original blacksmithing and woodworking used in the 15th century. He carved that saying along with the motto of Scotland into the border of the shield. From there he began embedding objects and creating themed unique pieces of furniture using exotic timber, mortis and tenon joints, woodengraving and epoxy techniques.
Eric has teamed with other craftsmen including a blacksmith, a custom upholsterer and other individuals in the industry that share the same passion for unique quality products. Eric looks forward to what the future holds and the designs he will continue to bring to life!